Sunday, May 30, 2010

Change in book release dates

The release of the book Puzhamalayalam a status of rivers in Kerala authored by CK SUjith Kumar and K Umadevi had to be postponed on request by the authors.

They intent to re-arrange certain chapters to include much more new content based on certain recent developments in the state. The authors believe that such a re-arrangment will increase the quality of content and make the publication more up to date.

Authors have asked for time till 10 July 2010 and base don this we will be announcing a new launch date. It might be disheartening for many who have been actively participating in the sketches competition to see the delay.

We are upset too, however we believe this publication will be a trail blazing initiative to bring together people who are concerned about the status of rivers in Kerala.

The Malayalam press release from the authors can be read here

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Judges and comments on sketches

'There were hardly any sketches where 'river' came across as a life experience irrespective of the age group. Most people attempted to share the knowledge of rivers from multi-media including TV, rather than from any personal experience. This seems to have limited the creativity of the person. " Judges also commented that 'sketches weren't successful to influence a new or unique visual language. Imagery used was from the old-school and there were more tendency amongst some of them to imitate mainstream artists. Most of the sketches expressed the visible environmental damage of rivers, however we hardly noticed any expressions of a rich and wild rivers".

Read more about judging and 14 winners who will get to experience rivers like Nila and Chalukudy in Kerala and its unique cultural and environment.

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What was once the life line of Kerala, is today a decaying, dying river. It is out of concern for Bharatapuzha (River Nila): the erosion of the river banks, the dilution of its culture, neglect and depletion of its resources - that the Nila foundation was formed. The foundation intends to provide a common platform for those who are concerned about rivers in general and River Nila in particular.