Thursday, April 15, 2010

CN Karunakaran on rivers

"Compared to my childhood, status of rivers in Kerala at present is quite sad. We all believe that we are knowledgeable about our water sources. However, except for some individual initiatives and small scale interventions in local issues, there is hardly any in-depth study undertaken on rivers yet. Rivers being elixir of life, polluting and exploiting of its water sources is a cruelty to the coming generation. As a medium, I believe that a fine art like sketching has an important role in spreading the awareness about rivers and related issues." CN Karunakaran

CN Karunakaran along with MT Vasudevan Nair, Artist Madanan, Cartoonist Venu, Dr Latha Unnikrishnan, C Jayakumar and Rajiv Menon will be reviewing the entries received from public as part of the crowd-sourcing initiative from Nila Foundation. The select entries from the competition will adorn the front pages of forteen chapters of 'Puzha Malayalam', a book on the status of rivers in Kerala.

The book will be released on the UN World Environment day 05 June 2010 in Thunjan parambu. Our next press conference will be in Trivandrum on the 17th Apr to announce the list of judges. For more details, please contact our colleague Prakash on +91.9388131777 9446280603.

pic The Hindu online

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