Saturday, April 10, 2010

Judging panel announced

Nila foundation is glad to announce judges who are coming together to select the best 14 entries that has been invited from the public from all over the world. The selected sketches will adorn the introductory pages of 14 chapters of the book 'Puzha Malayalam' to be published on the 05 of June 2010. The judges will be gathering at Thunjan Parambu on the 27th APR 2010.

Judges (in alphabetical order)

C Jayakumar
- a passionate environmentalist, Jayakumar manages Thanal - an NGO based in Kovalam.
People behind Thanal are those who have, at some point in their lives, come together on the common concerns of nature conservation, environmental health and justice.

CN Karunakaran - is renowned for his highly stylised figures and intricately decorative patterns that weave across the pictorial surface. CN is currently the chairman of Kerala Lalita Kala Academy.

Dr.Latha Unnikrishnan - her name became synonymous with Chalakudy river conservation. Set up the Chalakudy River Research Centre and played a crucial role in influencing public and political opinion against the Athirapally hydro electric project.

Artist Madanan - Chief artist of Mathrubhumi weekly. Many short stories and novels in Malayalam lived through the characters he wove. His sketches bring in nostalgia about Kerala to many readers of Mathrubhumi weekly.

CK Sujith Kumar - Co-author of 'Puzha Malayalam' Sujith is another passionate environmentalist. His previous book on agrarian practices of Kerala is now a study material for Calicut university.

MT Vasudevan Nair - “For me, Nila's significance is greater than that of the greatest ocean in the world", Vasudevan Nair once famously said. Pained at seeing the indifference of people while Nila withers away in front of their eyes, MT recently announced that he will not write any more about Nila!

Cartoonist Venu - The popular satirist Venu is a free-lance cartoonist, columnist, painter and 2D animator. There are hardly any periodicals that haven't carried Venu's signature cartoons.

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