Saturday, April 17, 2010

suggestions invited for cover design of the book

Continuing the initiatives to build up a participatory process in publishing the book 'Puzha Malayalam', we are inviting public opinion to design the cover-page. A trial sketch and layout for the book cover has been provided by our friend Manoj Parameswaran from Thrissur.

Background of how the book evolved can be read here .

"Puzha Malayalam is an exploration of Kerala and her rivers; a journey that begins with Kerala’s cultural history and wends its way to the environmental degradation of the State. It is a book that illustrates how rivers are a part and parcel of the Malayalee way of life. A book that reminds us that the death of a river is the death of Kerala itself and that the only way to protect life is by protecting rivers. A book that offers glimpses of hope, even as it underlines the burning realities of environmental degradation in the State. Written in the language of love, this is a book for every Malayalee who cherishes rivers."

You can post your comments here, on facebook or write to us directly.

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