Saturday, April 17, 2010

'Nalla kaaryam' - Sugatha Kumari

When we went to see Sugata Kumari, one of the most revered women activist and writers to let her know about 'Puzha Malayalam' and the small initiative we have kick-started to bring attention on the status of rivers in Kerala, she said, "Nalla Kaaryam".

She added that the general tendency of elders in Kerala these days are to ignore the issues surrounding them. 'Even though all of them are aware of the consequences, they don't react any more. You know, I have been doing this for ages:creating awareness through various programs, by writing articles, making people take oaths...for the last several years, I have attempted to cover so many issues in different parts of Kerala. But look at our society! there is hardly any effect of these campaigns".

On the way back we came across this news report in The Hindu newspaper in 2005 that said, "Sugata Kumari bemoaned the lack of interest in issues like the ruining of rivers by the sand mining mafia and an unbelievable water shortage in the land of rivers, tanks and ponds"...
Glad to see that people like Sugathakumari still continues to have the passion. That inspires us!

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    Cruelty to animals is a proof of our love for humans.


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